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Openweathermap team is happy to welcome our new member!

Openweathermap team is happy to welcome our new member!

Openweathermap team is happy to welcome our new member.

Roman is working with a satellite image processing on server-side VANE platform that is based on Hadoop, Spark frameworks. Mainly, he involved in data ingestion and satellite imagery processing pipelines development on Scala programming language.
Roman completed his master`s degree in Skoltech university with space data management specialization. During study he spent 1 year in EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) university. Previously, he worked in international online retail companies.
He has many interests in machine learning applying to satellite and UAV data and takes  participation in Kaggle competitions in a free time. 

We present to your attention a first official Openweathermap bot for Telegram!

We present to your attention a first official Openweathermap bot for Telegram.

Bot supports the following commands to get weather:

  • type city name to get the current weather for the certain city
  • day (d) - get hourly forecast for current day
  • current (c) - get current weather for last city
  • type repeat at 10 am, for daily weather alerts at 10 a.m.

You can even talk to OpenweathRobot using natural language.
“weather in London in 2 days”
“Paris tomorrow”
“Moscow next week”

Try it yourself and be aware of weather.

VANE Platform gets Update with Planet Satellite Imagery Integration

VANE Platform gets Update with Planet Satellite Imagery Integration

We are happy to announce today that Openweathermap has partnered with Planet to provide access to current and archived Rapideye and PlanetScope satellite imagery in the VANE geospatial platform. Planet operates the world’s largest earth observation constellation of satellites and has the capacity to image the world’s landmass on a daily basis.

With this partnership, the VANE platform enables online processing and access to global high resolution imagery from Planet, further diversifying our Global Base Map product that currently offers publically available Sentinel and Landsat data.

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We extended the list of supported languages for weather conditions.

Do you want to receive weather data in your language? We extended the list of supported languages for weather conditions.
Now in our API the following languages are available:

Arabic (ar); Czech (cz); Greek (el); Persian(Farsi) (fa); Galician (gl); Hungarian (hu); Japanese (ja); Korean (kr); Latvian (la); Lithuanian (lt); Macedonian (mk); Slovak (sk); Slovenian (sl); Vietnamese (vi).

We invite all our users to test translations for weather conditions in different languages. We will be happy to extend our language support according to your wishes. If you have any questions or suggestions - please send them to The specification for all weather conditions in English is available here:

New styles for weather maps API

New styles for weather maps API

We added new version of rendering styles for Weathermap API.

To get weather map layers in new predefined styles you need to add _new to the appropriate layer name like the following:{layer}_new/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?appid={api_key}

History Bulk documentation

For your convenience while working with our historical data we have created History Bulk section at There you can find a manual on data extraction for different time periods and cities, also there are examples of data extraction in JSON and CSV file formats and description of weather parameters.

Weather maps API updated

Weather maps API updated

Example of weather map layer  - layer's name: temperature, area: worldwide

OpenWeatherMap VANE platform provides many kinds of weather layers including Precipitation, Clouds, Pressure, Temperature, Wind, Snow and Rain.
See the full list of available layers at
You can connect them to mobile and web apps as ZXY-tile layers. It is also possible to combine several base maps and overlays in one map like in the following Weathermap example.
The documentation for Weather Maps has been updated. And there is an important change - please pay your attention, that starting from the next week, API key to access tiles will be obligatory.
Note, that Weather Maps are available for Free keys as well as for all paid ones.

Historical weather data for everybody!

Could you please pay your attention that our historical weather data is available not only for developers! Everyone can get this data in a form convenient for reading and immediate use. For that while downloading a file choose csv format and then you can open the file in Excel or any similar program and arrange it to your desire.
It facilitates instant representing of received weather information without any additional processing. 
Thus it is possible to get weather information for 30,000 cities for the last 5 years. You can quickly download data for any period and for several locations at a time.
OpenWeatherMap cares about you! 
We constantly try to make usage of our data for all our customers as convenient as possible! 

Weather Historical Bulk is launched!

Weather Historical Bulk is launched!

We are happy to introduce you our new service which provides weather historical data for more than 30,000 cities for the last 5 years.

Now you can simply choose a city (or several cities) and download an archive, which contains bulk file with the weather history up to 5 years - any day, week or even several years. Pricing is simple and easy - just $10 for one city, no matter how much data will you receive Just sign in and place an order on your personal page Please note that our traditional History API stays the same.

History weather API update

History weather API update

We have updated our history weather API and it has become better. Now we have much more data, filled some gaps, and our VANE platform is able to process it faster. Data is available per 1-hour time steps. You that you can get history API for more than 30 000 cities!

You can subscribe to our history weather API here Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and provide your feedback here